Process Engineering

Our process engineering combines mechanical engineering and chemical engineering in custom-made plants that fit your needs.

We have what you need:

  • Simulation
  • Research
  • Prototyping
  • Development
  • Process Optimisation

As a small and flexible engineering office, we are happy to include your special requests. IBK-Verfahrenstechnik has years of experience, especially in the field of optimisation and flue-gas treatment of power plant boilers.
=> Learn more about our fields of competence You need something else? No problem, contact us anyway!

You need something else? No problem, contact us anyway!

Trust is good, control is better:
Of course, you do not need to buy a pig in a poke. As most of our plants are designed for retrofit, every single one is custom-made. We are happy to offer systems for testing to prove the effectiveness of our methods before a permanent installation is done.


IBK-Verfahrenstechnik is an engineering office specialised in the solution of chemical and thermal problems. Our technology is for example applied in the fields of waste disposal, power generation as well as the material-converting industry.

Apart from process inventories and modelling for a better process understanding and optimisation, we realise special machines for various fields of application.

The planning, construction, documentation, and commissioning of our plants is included in our service as well as the customer-oriented support on site. Continuous improvement of our methods and components guarantees an optimal implementation and the best value for our customers in the long term.


Dr. Sascha Krüger
Management, Research and Development,
Chemical Engineering
+49 (0)36458 - 483681

Rupert Warlo
Power of Attorney, Research and Development,
Mechanical Engineering
+49 171 7625533
Manuela Rossin (freelancers)
+49 (0)36458 - 31516
Klaus Hetzer (freelancers)
Procurement & Logistic Test Plants
+49 (0)36458 - 31467


Our competences cover the full project cycle. They show on our publications as well as realised projects and grow with every new application.

Our services and applications include for example:
... in the field of optimisation of power plant processes by auxiliary plants:

  • Sulphur Injection
    Reduction of corrosion and slagging problems of power plant boilers => read more

    Booster Steam Injection
    Combustion optimisation and prevention of CO peaks => read more

    SNCR Plants and NH3 Slip Measurement in Flue Gas and Residuals
    Our urea or ammonia based SNCR plants are optimised for easy retrofit on existing boilers. They provide a high efficiency and reduce the number of needed boiler openings as far as possible. => read more

... in the field of furnace calculation and calibration:

  • Combustion and Thermal Modelling
    Calculation and illustration of chemical and thermodynamic processes for optimisation of operating parameters and for the design of our auxiliary plants as well as the furnace temperature calibration. => read more

    R1 Interpretation
    Classification of incineration facilities according to the directive 2008/98/EC on waste => read more



We trust in sound cooperation with our experienced partners. To satisfy the demands of our customers, we work together with experts in various fields.


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